Cafe Lighting

Our most popular option, Cafe Lighting can add exceptional old-world charm to your event with it's warm and relaxing glow.  We offer multiple options to fit any theme, venue, and budget.

Packages starting at $300

Excellent at providing "feeling" to a space, LED up-lighting can truly transform any room into something quite extraordinary.  We carry many custom options and styles to help bring your vision into reality.

Starting at $30 per light
Drape + Decor

We offer many styles of draping (excellent with up-lighting), LED dance floors, and light-up furniture to help create incredible and breathtaking scenes.

Please call/email for pricing


Outdoor Lighting

Functional outdoor lighting can provide much needed illumination for both visibility and safety.  Our balloon lights can also be branded with custom logos or sponsor's graphics for increased value and brand exposure.

Starting at $500 per light
Private Events

We can help take your private party to the next level.  From planning to execution, our expert team of designers can help provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.  We cater to private events of all sizes, from small back yard gatherings to formal ballroom venues.

Please call/email for pricing
Stage Lighting + Decor

Custom stage lighting and decor can add value, stage presence, and crowd engagement to any performance.  We provide stage lighting and decor for venues of all shapes and sizes, from small back-yard gigs to concert halls and theaters.

Please call/email for pricing

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